Help to buy scheme in North Belfast & Northern Ireland

The Mortgage Centre (NI) in Belfast offers The Co-Ownership Housing Association help to buy scheme to first-time buyers, to help lower-income applicants get a foot on the property ladder.

The Co-Ownership Housing association Help to buy scheme

Co-ownership bridges the gap between renting and being able to buy. It is based on a partnership between you and the Co-Ownership Housing Association, enabling you to buy the property that you want, and one that you may otherwise be unable to afford if buying on your own. 

Get the home you want

The Mortgage Centre (NI) has a longstanding relationship with The Co-Ownership Housing Association and our work with expert lenders who have extensive experience in understanding the needs and criteria for applicants. You may even be able to buy your house without any deposit! 

The Co-Ownership Housing Association will buy your home for you and then you will buy back a share from them – starting at 50% and up to a maximum of 90% of the property value (for which you will take out a mortgage). You will pay Co-Ownership a small rental value based on their share of the property.

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